Water Wonders: Build-A-Boat

August is all about the wonders of water! All month, Sproutside will include a water color lab and bubble station, alongside regular weekly programming. Week 2 of Kid's Courage Club starts off with learning about our emotions. All programming supplies are included with general admission of $6/adult and child or free for members!

Water Wonders: Bike Wash & Tire Scrub

Flint Children's Museum 1602 University Avenue, Flint, MI

August is all about the wonders of water, and with a little soap and scrubbing these tires and bikes can look good as new-while also teaching important skills like fine/gross motor coordination and instill a sense of accomplishment! Join in on your next visit to Sproutside this week-all materials are included with admission of $6/per

Water Wonders: Sink or Float Game

All month we've been learning about how water is used in many ways like for transportation or as an ingredient-but what other properties does water have? One that comes to mind is its ability to allow certain things to sink or float-but what can those things be? This week we find out and experiment with

Water Wonders: Water in Many Forms

Last week we discovered one property of water called buoyancy, this week we find out about "states of matter", in which water fits into three categories: liquid, gas, and solid. Discover and experiment what each state looks like and why water in particular is so flexible in all three!