How Things Work

How Things Work

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Augmented Reality Sandbox
Explore Topography, watersheds, and geography with 3-D visualization and manipulation of sand

The Big Blue Blocks
Large foam blocks are perfect for building big

Simple Circuits
Guide the metal wand along the closed circuit without causing it to buzz

Make it Balance
Learn the concept of weight by balancing the scale using beanbags

Build a Bridge
Use blocks to make a bridges, towers, and arches

Gravity Wall
Make a path using various types of tubes for the golf ball to travel to the bottom of the wall

Slide & Sketch
Gather and move magnetic particles to create facial features like mustaches, eyebrows, or beards

Investigation Station
Check out the cupboards full of fun games and toys

Dancing Marionettes
Pull the strings to make the large marionettes dance

Learn how a funnel changes the path the ball travels

Which of the two raceway ramps causes the car the travel down faster. . .