FCM On The Road

Can’t come to the Museum? Let the Museum come to you!

With 9 programs to choose from, each one meeting several Next Generation Science Standards, you can be sure that the FCM’s On the Road experience will bring value and FUN to your classroom!

Available programs include…

COLORFUL SCIENCE               

  • Butterfly Symmetry Art (pre-k – kindergarten, ~30 minutes)

This colorful program introduces children symmetry and fine arts!

  • Art Spectacular—level 1 (1st – 2nd, ~45 minutes)

While creating art as unique as they are, children paint with baking soda and vinegar, and conduct an experiment that demonstrates the properties of primary and secondary colors.

  • Art Spectacular—level 2 (3rd – 5th, ~45 minutes)

In addition to having a “blast” creating art with Alka-Seltzer and paint, children also learn about weight, density, and chemical reactions by “stacking” a  rainbow of colorful liquids one on top of the other.


  • Skyscraper Challenge (pre-k – kindergarten, ~30 minutes; 1st—2nd, ~45 minutes)

Children love to play with their food, so in this program, we encourage it! Children learn team work, basic engineering, and fine motor skills as the FCM team guides them in constructing spaghetti and marshmallow skyscrapers.

  • Speed Engineering (3rd—5th, ~45 minutes)

Roller coasters and speed! Children are guided by the FCM team in building their own roller coasters in this exciting experiment.  As they design and build their own roller coaster, children learn about the different kinds of energy and use their knowledge to influence it.


  • Sprouting Seeds (pre-k – kindergarten, ~30 minutes)

Young children not only learn all about plant life cycles while planting their own fruit, veggie, or flower, they are encouraged to act it out in an fun and engaging activity!

  • Bugs! (1st—3rd, ~45 minutes)

Are all insects bugs? Are all bugs insects? In this creative program, children will learn which creatures are bugs and which are insects as they make their own bugs made from play dough.

  • Discovering DNA (1st – 3rd, ~45 minutes)

In this exciting experiment children use the FCM’s centrifuge to extract DNA, learn about genetics, and practice lab safety.


  • Messy Science (pre-k – kindergarten, ~30 minutes; 1st – 5th, ~45 minutes)

This popular program can be adjusted for all ages! Children pre-k through 5th grade  (even teachers!) have fun while getting messy and learning about the states of matter. Impressive chemical reactions include making slime and Oobleck, and even elephant toothpaste for the older kids.


Pre-k and kindergarten programs for up to 30 children – $65 per program (or two consecutive programs for $100) + mileage outside the City of Flint (57.5 cents per mile).

1st – 5th grade programs for up to 30 children – $100 per program (or two consecutive programs for $175) + mileage outside the City of Flint (57.5 cents per mile).

$40 for each additional 30 children per program (ex. 1 kindergarten program with 31-60 children = $105).

Have something else in mind?

Ask our Educator about creating a custom program just for you!

Contact the FCM’s Educator, at educator@flintchildrensmuseum.org or (810) 767-KIDS(5437) for more information or to reserve your program today.

*Grade levels listed are recommendations only